This is my fathers mother and father John & Dominica (Trucano) Carlevato (circa 1912) and this is the Trucanos
Dominica, Hannibal, Battista Martin(Uncle Sip), Arthur & Jenny.

This is my great-great grandfather and grandmother (Osten Olsen's parents) Ole Nielsen (Teigen) and Berith Ostensdatter

obituary column as it appeared in the Rapid City Daily Journal for Penny's mother Thelma.

Family tree for the Schwarting (Penny's father's side) side of the family here

This is the whole gang in Washington, DC in February in front of the White House, Bill was out so he could not greet us!
We also went to see Harold & Corrine Carlevato in Wilmington, Delaware while in DC.

To view a photograph of Nick, Carmen and family, click here.

To view photographs of Mike & Jenny's family, click here.

To view photographs of Rich & Angie's family, click here.

To view a photograph of Angie or send her (email), or a picture of Penny, Angie and Kelly in Breckenridge,
Colorado at The Wellington Inn (a great place to eat).

This is my best photographic work so far, of Zackery (our grandson), click here.

This is brother Bert and his family here.

This is the English connection here

This are some picts of Friends, etc..

I finally got a picture of us put here (after being asked too many times).

This are some picts of the latest Moffitt addition.. The most recent of the whole family.

Here is the new addition to the Harding's (Grandpa and Grandma Vossler).

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