A special treat at the Jay Leno Show in early March, '98; they are John & Bev, Jay, Andy & Natalie, Penny and Mary (John's sister from Mass.).

The Petersen's, Well's and us Dan & Carol Petersen (now Oregon), Norm & Penny (visiting in Sedona) and Ken & Vonnie Wells (Sedona).

George & Wendy Scott from Tucson.

Jon & Sue Dee & family from Knoxville.

Harry & Sue Hart now back in Idaho.

John & Beverly Athey from Palos Verdes.

Bill & Miriam Jonas from Sherman Oaks.

Bill & Harriet Bierling from Sun Valley.

Warner & Natalie Andrews from Littleton.

Jim & Renee May from Lakewood at the LA airport on their way to see their daughter and son-in-law in New Zealand.

Wayne & Karen Mullins formerly from Redondo Beach but now in Virginia and their puppy dog Jenny.

The Sarafoleans cruse to Mexico in '97.

The Hardwood's wedding in Cabo, Hunter's first day.

Maddie Jerry and Joan's grandaughter at tea time (priceless).

Lisa MacKinzie's baby shower in Canyon Country.

Riley K. Jim and Gerry's munchkin.

Fred & Hanna's fantastic previous house in Fallbrook.