To view a photograph of Mike, Jenny and Kayla, click here.
This is grandpa and grandmas third precious granddaughter, Kayla.
Another good shot of Kayla, in the park.
Another shot of Kayla, being cute.
Kayla at the LA zoo in March '98.
Kayla in my Sunday School class on March 14, 1998.
Kayla pouring tea at a tea time class in March of 1998.
Kayla enjoying tea at the famous Penelope's Tea Time tea room in March of 1998.
Kayla in summer of 1998.
Kayla in California for Thanksgiving,  In tennessee at 6 years old.
The only boy child in the Carlevato household in Tennessee, Stephen John,  in El Segundo,  at 2 1/2 years,  the "fireman"
The newest pictures of Kayla and Stephen, picture #1  picture #2  picture #3  picture #4 picture #5
The newest additions to the Carlevato household in Tennessee, Emily & Amanda
The most recent picture of all four children. Kayla, Stephen, Emily & Amanda
All four children with Dad and Papa in Orlando, Florida at animal show at the Magic Tree Resort.
    Kayla, Stephen, Emily, Amanda, Mike & Norm
   (Animal rehabilitation facility in Davenport, Florida close to Orlando)
Latest picture of Emily and Amanda just before Christmas and after their 2nd birthday.