Row1(front):Janet Cowan,Gail Welker,Karen Ludeman,June Korpi, Donna Nelson,Kay Arnio,
Colleen Robinson,Snooky Mannick,Bette Bottge,Mona Mooney
Row2:Cara Pat Bertolotto,Verna Peed,Anita Steinbeck,Sharon Taylor, Teresa Kleiman,Joan Alaniva,
Penny Olson,Maxine Byrum,Barbara Wanhanen
Row3:Sharon Barker,Harlow Sawin,Dick Harvey,Gary Sleep, Jerry Witcraft,Albert Sinner,Bob Mattson
Row4(back):Bruce Madsen,George Matthews,Jon Mattson,Bob Webster, Bernie Wanhanen,Dick McColley,
Tom Holso,Gene Burr,Harlan Gustafson,Keith Winsell

LHS Class of 1958 Reunion Sparks Memories for Grads (taken from the Lead Daily Journal, 1968)

A total of 38 members of the class of 80 graduates registered for the two-day first reunion of the group in the Gold Run Inn, Saturday morning.

The reunion proper got off in full swing Saturday night with a cocktail party followed by dinner at Turgeon's Supper Club.

Emceeing the program was Jon Mattson. Keith Winsell, president of the class, told classmates that, "It is everyone's obligation to keep informed of what is going on in this world." Don Fiteher, who was principal of the high school when this group graduated, also spoke. Other guests included Helen Morganti and Lloyd Fockler, plus husbands and wives of the group.

Booklets of "Who's Who and Where" were prepared which gave vital statistic reports on all those who responded to the reunion call.

Some of the outstanding features of this group include that the 80 class members have a total of 123 children among those answering the information sheet; only eight are unmarried, and three of the couples married classmates.

Handling the "Special Award" prizes was Mrs. Robert Zuhr, with the prize for the couple having the most children going to Bob and Penny Webster who have four; Sharon Taylor Stewart, the youngest child, a boy, one month old; Winsell, Washington D. C., for the male traveling the farthest for the express purpose of attending the reunion with Dick McColley, a close runner-up coming from California and for the girls, Capt. Sharon Barker, U. S. Army Nurse Corps, who is home on leave after service in Vietnam.

Judges had a difficult time deciding if Al Sinner or Gary Sleep should receive the prize for the baldest man with Sinner winning "by a hair" and Theresa Payne won the prize for the "grayest" headed woman, for which she says she paid good money and spent time in the beauty shop to achieve.

The couple married the shortest time were Mr. and Mrs. MeColley–six months, and the girl voted the "sweetest" was Lulu Dizon, Los Angeles, the guest of Keith Winsell.

Mrs. Colleen Robinson Meyers conducted a Newlyweds game in two relays which were won by Karen and Dick Harvey and Kay and Bob Zuhr.

Mrs. Joan Alaniva Wood presented the door prizes to those having the lucky winners on clever treasure chests which served as nut cups. Winning the floral arrangements furnished by the MeColley Flower and Gift Shop was Webster; Mrs. Payne, Verna Sandidge, Janet Brown, Mary Sinner and Winsell won mixing bowls and Bette Lund, a necklace and earring set.

Mrs. Meyers paid tribute to the memory of Virginia Gukeisen, valedictorian of the class who died two years following graduation. The class presented a plaque to Lead High School seven years ago, which is awarded to the student whom the faculty chooses as the most outstanding scholastically and the most representative citizen in the senior class. Members voted to donate to a fund which will carry on the award when the present plaque is filled.

Given special recognition and thanks from the group were Mary-Ide Raetz, secretary of the reunion committee; Mrs. Kathy Burr for compiling and typing the souvenir booklets and Mrs. June Treber. Other members of the reunion c ommittee included Gene Burr, Harlen Gustafson, Mrs. Bette Lund, Mrs. Meyers, Mrs. Donna Sehumaeher, Mrs. Payne, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Penny Webster, Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Zuhr.

The class colors, blue and silver, were carried out in the table decorations to complement the theme of the groups, 1958 banquet and prom, "Through the Looking Glass."

Elaine Meyers, Lead High librarian and sponsor of the class, who is now in the reference library at the University of South Dakota, Vermillion, was unable to attend due to the summer commencement exereises in which she was involved at the university.

The roll of those attending listed Joan Alaniva Wood, Cara Pat Bertolotto Phillips, Bette. Bottge Lund, Gene Burr and Kathy Schiebel Burr, Dorothy Burrington Stoneberger, Tom Holso, Theresa Kleiman Payne, June Korpi Treber, Mary-Ide Manniek Raetz, Jon Mattson, Donna Nelson Sehumacher, Sharon Taylor Stewart and Jerry Witcraft, all from Lead.

Kay Arnio Zuhr and Bob and Penny Olson Webster, Pluma; Harlen Gustafson, Verna Peed Sandidge and Bernie Wanhanen, Deadwood; George Matthew, Sturgis; Mona Mooney Swanson, 'Leola; Colleen Robinson Meyers, Rapid City and Barbara Wanhanen Aman, Nemo, were others who remained in the state to live.

Coming from out-of-state were Maxine Byrum Rainer, Arkansas; Janet Cowan Brown, Illinois; Dick and Karen Ludeman Harvey and Gary Sleep, Wyoming; Bruce Madsen, Robert Mattson and Al Sinner, Colorado; Harlow Sawin, Nevada, and Dick McColley, Mike Weiland and Keith Winsell, California. Gail Welker Gisselberg came from Minnesota and Anita Steinback Weikel, Omaha.

A family picnic Sunday at the IOOF Park near Nemo, was the culminating activity of the reunion. Plans were formulated for the 25th anniversary in 1983.

Merchants of Lead donated jthe prizes, nuts and mints.