Dear Friends and Family,

Heaven is our REAL home!! David is experiencing all that the Lord has promised us. As Joni Erickson Tada put it so well ... "Let's not get too settled in, too satisfied with the good things down here on earth. They are only the tinkling sounds of the orchestra warming up. The real song is about to break into a heavenly symphony, and its prelude is only a few moments away."

Curt and I would love to have just a peek through the thin veil between earth and eternity. How we long to just see David running, laughing, eating, shouting, and praising our Lord. For we know he knows no more sorrow or pain, and that my friend gives us the greatest amount of peace. To know our Lord carries him forever. For I know when our time on this earth is through, and our Lord calls us to himself, his precious little face I will see. David will stand at the gates to welcome us home. For to him we will seem like we were never separated. Death is swallowed up in victory.

Heaven has become such a passion to me. When we really understand heaven, when we really have a passion for heaven, we will never be the same. We will never worship the same, we will never act the same, we will not fear life the same, and we will become survivors of life and it's consequences of sin.

How we wish we could see David's face now. We miss him so very much. His beautiful eyes always lit up a room. His precious little face graced us all while he was with us. I miss his sweet voice calling "ma ma." His spirit was remarkable. All that knew him could not believe his zest and fight for life. No matter what life threw at him, he always pitched his best. He always fought hard and then returned to the dug out with a smile. Finally in the end, his pain was so great and an overwhelming intestinal blood infection gave flight for his passing.

How I wish all of you knew him. For our lives will never be the same. David showed us how to look at every flower, ant and bird that comes our way. Our Lord showed David glimpses of heaven right here on earth. David showed us that glimpse by showing us the brightness of earth.

Please continue to pray for our family. At times the days can be so full of grief. There is nothing in our every day life that does not pass through the hole of "David's passing." Some days we breathe and other days we live.

Ryan and Luke deal with their brothers passing in different ways. Our lives have changed so much. The family as a unit looks so much different than it did just a few months ago before David's passing. I am now home instead of always in the hospital with David. Curt and I now have much more time for Ryan and Luke on an individual basis. We know this is a sense of relief for the children now, even though they understood it while we were dealing with the circumstances. Our lives were always filled with emergencies. For the first time in five years, Luke is enjoying one on one time with mommy and daddy. Least we forget Luke was born into a world of emergencies. Ryan was diagnosed with Leukemia two weeks before Luke was born. David was born before Chemotherapy ever even ended for Ryan. Ryan continues to be in remission. We thank God for this!!!! The Lord gave us the grace to see each day through. I know we would all choose to do it over again if it allowed David to stay with us even for just one more day. He was worth every tear. What a precious little diamond.

Curt and I are trying to enjoy life and what it gives us at this very moment. Enjoying it all even in times of such sorrow. This is what the Lord asks of us. Taking one day at a time, and sometimes when the "sorrows like sea billows roll", it is only one moment at a time.

May the Lord bless all of you for your faithful love, support and prayers.

We love you all.

Kathy, Curt, Ryan and Luke

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