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Ride the Rockies – day 7

The last day was 87 miles from Alamosa to Salida. I left before Nicole did but it was not long before she caught me, I think right before the first rest stop.It was very flat, probably the flatest road on the ride.  I stayed with a group forawhile at 21 mph but fell off to a group at 19 mph until the rest stop.  The rest of the way to Poncha Pass was pretty much a gentle up hill.  The top of the pass was the last rest stop until Salida.  The downhill was very fast and smooth into PonchaSprings then only 5 miles to Salida to the finish line.  I spent alot of this daystanding up as much as possible because of the very sore rear.

Ride the Rockies – day 6

Pagosa Springs to Alamosa billed as 87 miles over Wolf Creek Pass.  This is the day I about bailed out, not wanting to climb another almost 11,000 foot pass.  My conscience got the better of me so I did not say that I did not do the whole ride.  I left about a hour after Nicole so she finished way ahead of me this day.  Wolf Creek Pass was a long climb but not as bad as Grand Mesa.  The down hill was a little scarey because the wind was gusting very hard.  I felt like I was sand blasted on one of the curves from the road gravel.  One rider was blown off his bike and hurt seriously, so this down hill was not a fun as the others.  After the down hill it was a pretty flat run in to Alamosa.  I think this distance was 91 miles rather than 87 miles.  I was glad at the end of the day I did not get a sag to the top of the pass so I did complete the whole day.

Ride the Rockies – day 5

This was a mostly flat day from Durango to Pagosa Springs, a distance of 85 miles.  We took the long way around by going through the Southern Indian Reservation instead of a more direct route on highway 160.  I lost Nicole early on this day also.  We were only a couple of miles from New Mexico on the most southern point.  There was no internet service at the last 3 motels so I am doing the last three days from memory.

Friday’s ride

30.5 miles from Louisville Point Park through Blount County and back.

Thursday’s ride

42 miles from Pellissippi State College to Roane County and back.

Riding w/Zack in Colorado

Left at 6:50 am because Zack did not want to go today.  Home to Nelson road, left hand canyon to Olde Stage down Lee Hill to Hwy 36 to Jay road, 75th, Lookout, 95th to home.  31.8 miles.  Weekly miles 95.9.  Yearly miles 3107.1.

Wednesday Ride

The normal 40 mile loop clockwise. Odometer said 40.1 but mapmyride said 42.8. Time 2:17:07. Week miles 65. Total yearly miles 2710.3.  The map is at  The map of a previous ride is 42.9 miles so my odometer must have been wrong.

Monday Ride

Almost normal 40 mile ride: home/75th (met Bill)/Hygiene/36/Lyons/36/Boulder/Jay Road/75th/Lookout/95th/home. 66 is closed to bikes. 42 mile ride. Total yearly miles: 2426.4.  Here it is on


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