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Ride the Rockies – day 7

The last day was 87 miles from Alamosa to Salida. I left before Nicole did but it was not long before she caught me, I think right before the first rest stop.It was very flat, probably the flatest road on the ride.  I stayed with a group forawhile at 21 mph but fell off to a group at 19 mph until the rest stop.  The rest of the way to Poncha Pass was pretty much a gentle up hill.  The top of the pass was the last rest stop until Salida.  The downhill was very fast and smooth into PonchaSprings then only 5 miles to Salida to the finish line.  I spent alot of this daystanding up as much as possible because of the very sore rear.

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  1. Patrick Eipeldauer says:

    Hi Norm,
    it`s a long time since we`ve heard from each other and when you gave me your webadress. And its for today that I take my time to visit it.
    Looks good and it`s fun to read that you enjoy riding your bike through the rockies.
    Grace and I are still living in switzerland and enjoying our lives.
    Greetings to Penny and greetings from Grace,