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Ride the Rockies – day 4

This was another grueling day in the saddle.  Three mountain passes from Ouray to Durango, from 7800 feet up to 11,000 feet then down to 6500 feet in Durango.  The total climbing miles were 25 out of the 72 miles total distance.  I started at 6:30 AM and Nicole started shortly after me.  This was another day of stopping for short rests because of being out of breath.  The downhills were fun but the climbing was painful, the total elevation was probably 5200 feet.  Nicole finished about an hour before me.  The last 1 mile was up on a mesa where the school is located, so we finished with a final climb.  We had a very good pasta dinner in downtown Durango.  We are at 282 miles total for 4 days.

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