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Tuesday ride

Ride from Tom Williams house in Berthoud towards Loveland.  Could not map the ride because all new roads.  Weekly miles – 30.9.  Yearly miles – 3420.8.

Saturday ride

Saturday was with the Lifebridge group.  I rode 20 miles before I met them, then 22 miles with them on the haystack mtn loop.  Weekly miles – 210.3.  Yearly miles – 3389.9.  No mapmyride for this ride.

Friday ride

Friday was done in two parts.  The first 15 miles was with Loy and Zack around the bike paths in Longmont.  The second 15.5 miles was going to Hygiene to meet Richie then turning around and riding back to my house with him.  30.5 miles.  Yearly miles -3179.6.  Weekly miles – 168.4; therefore I need to ride at least 32 miles on Saturday to reach my 200 mile goal.

Thursday ride

Rode to Mcintosh lake to ride with the Lifebridge group, then to the human bean and back to Mcintosh lake, then home.  Zack stayed home and I went 22 more miles.  42 mile ride.  Weekly miles – 137.9.  Yearly miles – 3149.1.  New venture was south on 95th to Niwot rd then west.  After some jogs, Niwot turns into Neva rd which dead ends on 36.  36 to Nelson rd and home.

Riding w/Zack in Colorado

Left at 6:50 am because Zack did not want to go today.  Home to Nelson road, left hand canyon to Olde Stage down Lee Hill to Hwy 36 to Jay road, 75th, Lookout, 95th to home.  31.8 miles.  Weekly miles 95.9.  Yearly miles 3107.1.

Tuesday ride

Zack and I went to Lyons via 75th and Hygiene rd.  Stopped at the Barking Dog cafe for a muffin, then stopped to say hi to Linda Rokos; the back on 36 to Nelson rd to home.  31.7 miles.  Weekly miles – 64.1.  Total yearly miles – 3075.3.  This was a partial of one of my normal 42 mile loops from home.

Monday ride

First day of riding with Zachary, had to break him in for some longer rides.  Rode to Boulder via 119, Jay Rd and hwy 36.  Rode to downtown on Pearl , around the Pearl street mall, then back on Canyon to Panera for lunch.  Ride was 32.4 miles.  Total yearly miles 3043.6.  No for today as it was not all on the streets.


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