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Saturday ride

This was  the normal 40 mile route, the only difference was Nelson Rd to 65th, then to St Varin, to 36.  This was with the Lifebridge group that left from Silver Creek HS.  I started at home, picked them up at the HS, then rode to Lyons.  When we left Lyons, they turned on Hygiene and I went to Boulder on 36.  Miles 41.6.  Total yearly miles 2643.3.  Map of the ride at

Friday ride

I did not post this on Friday, so I forgot the route.  31.5 miles.  Total yearly miles 2601.7

Thursday Ride

Rode with Lifebridge group on the Longmont bide trails, then rode to Galen’s house in Mead, then home.  35 miles total.  No time.  Total yearly miles 2566.6.  No because the maps do not show bike trails.

Wednesday ride

44.1 mile ride: home/75th/Woodland/83rd/SW 42nd/Taft/turn around.  44.1 mile ride.  Total yearly miles: 2531.6.  Time: 2:38:01.  Here it is on

Tuesday ride

42 mile ride: home/75th/Hygiene/36/Left Hand Canyon/36/Nelson Rd/95th/home.  42 mile ride. Total yearly miles: 2489.6.  Here it is on

Monday Ride

Almost normal 40 mile ride: home/75th (met Bill)/Hygiene/36/Lyons/36/Boulder/Jay Road/75th/Lookout/95th/home. 66 is closed to bikes. 42 mile ride. Total yearly miles: 2426.4.  Here it is on

Todays ride

Rode 30 miles but it included Lee Hill and Olde Stage in preparation for Sunday’s triathlon.  Miles for the year:

Hello, new to blogging!

Today was short ride to Mcintosh Lake, around the lake with Galen and Don then refreshments, then off to Mead with Galen, turn around at his house then home – 38.2 miles.


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