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Friday ride

Testing to see how long to get to Loveland.  Miles 50.2.  Total yearly miles 3011.2.   Total riding time 3:01.  The wind was apparently blowing to the north (my out direction) because I averaged 18.2 for the first 26 miles, so coming back was into the wind; overall average speed 16.5.  The total ascent 899 feet.  The URL is

Thursday no ride

Rained out.

Wednesday no ride

Rained out.

Tuesday ride

The normal 41 mile route from home to Lyons to Boulder back home.  Miles 41.2.  Total yearly miles 2961.   Total riding time 2:32.  Average speed 16.2.  I felt sluggish on this ride, so not a good average speed.  The total ascent 1316 feet.  The URL is

Monday ride

Ride to Estes Park on a back road.  23 miles to Estes Park on Hwys 34 and 43.  Ate lunch at The Egg & I.  Started back down and rain and hail started but only lasted 2 miles.  The downhill to Glen Haven was fast, rest stop, down to Drake and the rain started again.  Bill had a flat and left his bike in the trees so we had to get the car to go back to retrieve the bike.  Had to wait about 45 minutes for the downpour to stop.  Miles 39.3.  Yearly miles 2919.8.

Saturday ride

This was the Colorado-Eagle River ride from Avon out in a loop and back to Avon.  Miles 101.  Total yearly miles 2880.5.  The URL is  Time was 6:19:17.  The elevation was from 6148 (lowest) to 8271 (highest) feet for a total 3432 feet of ascent.  Weekly miles 235.


Rest day for the big 100 mile ride in the mountains tomorrow.

Thursday ride

Started off to Loveland to ride with Lifebridge group but only made it 5 miles when Howard called and wanted to ride in Denver, so a 10 mile warm up.  Started at Children’s museum in Denver, rode south to Chatsfield dam, then east along H470 to Jordon Rd, then to Cherry Creek lake, around the lake to the Cherry Creek trail back to downtown.  Miles 59.2 plus the 10 mile warm up for a 69.2 mile ride.  No mapmyride because bike trails do not show up on map.  Totaly yearly miles 2779.5.

Wednesday Ride

The normal 40 mile loop clockwise. Odometer said 40.1 but mapmyride said 42.8. Time 2:17:07. Week miles 65. Total yearly miles 2710.3.  The map is at  The map of a previous ride is 42.9 miles so my odometer must have been wrong.

Monday ride

Drove to Copper Mountain (was supposed to be Frisco) to ride to Fremont Pass.  This was an out and back.  This was a long climb with a little bit of down up to 11,318 feet, the starting altitude was about 9800 feet.  Miles 24.1.  Totaly yearly miles 2667.4.  No map from


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